An Interview with Masgrimes


This month I was honored to be interviewed by my friend David Grimes, a calligrapher and penman from Portland, Oregon, for his column Splitting Tines with Masgrimes.

David is a personal inspiration of mine, in part because of the shrewd and thoughtful way he experiences the art and the craft of his work. This same sharp focus is present in every interview he conducts and I am delighted to be featured in the newest installment.

David and I had a chat via Instagram live a few months back, during which we discussed some of the same questions about our practice and philosophy of penmanship. This time was a little different, however, as I was able to really take the time to prepare responses to to David's substantial and carefully structured questions.

I think a successful interviewer will once in a while manage to pull the unexpected answer from their guest. David is a keen observer of people and I certainly feel that his questions pushed me to dig pretty deep beyond the obvious responses and in a few instances, caused me to see some of my own experiences from a completely different perspective.

You can read the interview here. Be sure to also check out David's other Splitting Tines interviews as well as the rest of his fantastic journal. 

Thank you, David!


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